Cleaned out the…
March 2, 2012, 10:49 pm
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Cleaned out the refrigerator today and was frustrated that what I consider to be a new refrigerator needed some new parts. It isn’t actually new more like 7 years old-getting old for a refrigerator I guess.  But then I got to thinking about how incredibly amazing it is in all of human history I have a refrigerator, what I am saying is even on this planet right now I am in the minority of people who have the ability to preserve their food through refrigeration.  I am sure there are many mothers in the world right now, not a hundred years ago, not 200 years ago, but right this minute that can only dream of being able to have a refrigerator.  How blessed am I?


My mother remembers a time when her family, who were well off, didn’t have refrigeration. They had an icebox and ice delivery.  I even have some of my grandmother’s recipes that refer to putting something in the icebox. That wasn’t that long ago that life was without refrigeration, certainly at home.


If I were to do it over again I may not even purchase a refrigerator, we really keep condiments in there with a bit of lettuce and spinach.  But most everything else is purchased daily.  I have that choice, however, somehow I am here with a refrigerator and food to go in it. Again how blessed am I?


As I clean out things that should have been thrown out weeks (maybe months ago) I am vowing to honor the blessing that I have by having refrigeration by not wasting the food we have. I noticed some things that were in there since last summer, but yet I couldn’t find something in there the other day.  I want to keep the refrigerator cleaned up and cleaned out.  It will make cooking so much better and who knows maybe I will stop grocery shopping every day. 


I do love our refrigerator (and so glad it is stainless steel, an extravagance for us) and I am very aware of how blessed we are to have food to go in it as well. 


Random Items:
February 8, 2012, 10:21 pm
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1. I am following along with Ali Edwards Day in the Life project.

2. I lost 2.5 pounds last week and gained a pound this week.

3. My hair is getting curlier.

4. I just discovered that pumpkin seeds are really delicious.

5. I vacuumed today for the first time in I don’t know how long.

6. Our best layer is molting so no eggs.

7. We still have a poinsettia from Christmas.

8. I am feeling like I am getting ready to paint again.

9. Kellogg is begging to play right now.

10. I am off to pick up the carpool at school.

Dear Candidate:
January 26, 2012, 2:04 am
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Dear Candidate for Public Office:


You may not know this but I have very strong opinions about how our government should be run but I am going to suspend those opinions for this election cycle and use one standard to choose candidates. 


If you make fun of, use scare tactics, engage in smearing your opponent or run a negative campaign I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU! I don’t care about what you think of your opponent or that you are trying to make me see the shortcomings of them. 


What I DO care about is what you are going to do to make my life, my family’s lives, my neighbor’s lives and my fellow human’s lives better.  If you can’t tell me that then you shouldn’t be running for public office. 


Again this is very simple, Mr. or Ms. Candidate for Public Office, tell me how you are going to conduct the business of MY government and what your plan is to improve our society.  If you, or dare I say this, your PAC runs negative things about your opponent(s) you will NOT get my vote.


Thank you.





November 21, 2011, 8:54 pm
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I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love all the fabulous inspiring design, clothes, food (oh, the food photos), quotes and ideas.  I hate all the consumption and inadequate feelings I get when I am scrolling through.  The houses and photos of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, tree houses, swimming pools are out of this world, then I start to think just how many people in this world can really afford what is posted on Pinterest.  All of the crafty projects, the party ideas, the things to make (including the food), then I start to think just how many people in this world really have time to do those things.  I am thinking of the people that actually have to walk 8 hours a day just to get water or those people who have to defend their home and children against attack or those people even on our own streets in North America who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. How important is Pinterest to them? Does Pinterest make the world a better place or is it just another website that wastes time?  I am sure that both sides of that argument are legitimate especially when I saw this repin by my daughter.

Where Have I Been?
August 2, 2011, 9:46 pm
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Life sometimes gets in the way so what is my excuse:

1. We have a relative that has dementia and we have to make some decisions about his care.

2. My younger daughter’s computer is being repaired so she is using my computer.

3. I have been working – like at an office.

4. My older daughter is getting ready to leave for college and I swear in 18 years she has never shopped as much as we have these last few weeks. She leaves in 3 weeks and 1 day-not that I am counting or anything.

5. I have been developing a Christmas Tree proto-type to replicate. I love both of my experiments.

6. I spent an entire day in the Columbia Gorge hiking in the beautiful weather that we are finally having.

8. I really can’t add anything to that. I am so inspired with all the ideas that float around out there-design, food, clothes, art, creative projects and soooooo much more.

10 Things I am happy with:
July 4, 2011, 2:38 am
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1. My neighbor is having a party and I can hear the happy voices and laughter drifting around our yard.

2. I am sooooo inspired and have soooo many ideas for new paintings.

3. I am getting at least 30 views on my etsy site for most of my paintings.

4. I love the colors of my newest painting-will be on etsy tomorrow.

5. So far we haven’t had too hot of weather-not a fan of hot weather.

6. We had a clean house when we came home from vacation (courtesy the partying neighbor).

7. My daughter is feeling better, she wasn’t feeling well earlier today.

8. I got a great workout in today.

9. My mala beads are ready to be restrung and I just have to find time to do it.

10. Starting this blog again.  Love thinking up topics to address.

Another tree for sale in the etsy shop.

I am sooooo excited!
July 2, 2011, 6:21 pm
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I finally did it. I opened an etsy shop. My. Own. Shop. A place to sell my art. Scary stuff putting one’s heart out there.  I love what I have created, but I have no idea if anyone else will feel the love enough to actually spend money on any of my lovelies.

But I will never know unless I try.  Even if no one buys anything of mine at least I tried, I put it out in the world, I finally took a leap towards a life that I am making the decisions about. So go me!!!

Gorgeous weather today here in the Pacific Northwest. We haven’t had any “good” weather for about 9 months, it is warm and sunny, which most people consider good weather.  Personally I like a bit of rain-it makes everything green!!! Also I love grey skies and clouds they are so inspiring to me especially with spring green.  Other inspiring things/people on my list:

Kelly Rae Roberts

Flora Bowley

and pinterest.

If you need an invitation to pinterest I have a few left and invite you to be a part of this inspiring community of people.  Check out the steampunk stuff. This can be created in any colors that you wish-this one isn’t for sale as it was a birthday gift for my daughter’s 16th birthday yesterday.