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October 13, 2012, 11:56 pm
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You know those great cooking shows that feature wonderful tasty recipes and cooks who can throw things together in front of the tv cameras.  They have all the ingredients set up, the oven is preheated and everything turns out perfectly!!!  Not to mention that their kitchen is straight out of a magazine. Stainless steel everything, gorgeous updated counters, all color coordinated.  This is the stuff that makes cooks who cook in regular kitchens drool.  I have always thought that I would like to have a cooking show that is real life-when you are in the middle of a recipe you realize that the eggplant that you were planning on using has gone bad and you have to run to the store. Or that you don’t enough mozzerella cheese but you do have some Monterey Jack, or that you have to find a substitute for the eggs that got eaten for breakfast by someone in your family.  These are real life situations and most of us have had to deal with them (except maybe Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart, but remember they have a staff-my staff cleans the floor if I drop something tasty, but the dogs can’t do much more).

So that brings me to my point-one of the new things in arts and crafts is drooling over others “studios” beautiful color coordinated rooms, that have tables, and storage, and chairs and décor that all is…well artsy and gorgeous. There are even magazines that are called “Where Women Create” (full disclosure I haven’t read one-I would be too discouraged). So I want to show what it is really like in a starting artists life.  Not someone who is young and going to school and starving. But someone like me who has been through some twists and turns, some starts and stops, some changes  and second chances.  Someone who has bills to pay, someone who goes to a job, someone who lives with other people and has to juggle schedules and demands and other activities.  Oh, I admire the artists with awesome studios that have commercial success-I can  even think of these artists as people I want to emmulate and follow on their blogs or buy their books-there are several in our town that am blown away by their talent.  They are fairly open about the fact that they didn’t start out being super successful, but I wanted to show a middle-aged person coming late to the art world and what it really looks like, so here is my “studio”:

We have a living room/dining room combination that is also my studio, our living room, tv room, homework room, dog training room, sleeping room, office and generally the room that we live in day in and day out.  It has three large picture windows on three outside walls another window that is on the same plane as one of the picture windows. Three doors, a fireplace, and a piano against one wall.  To say there is no wall space is an understatement. To say that there is great light is also an understatement. Even in the darkest of winter we don’t need the lights on during the day-so that is a big plus.

ImageThis is the dining room table.


My awesome IKEA table that my family bought for me I keep lots of paper, paint, doodads and stuff in there. The top is always covered with stuff usually so much that I have to create on the dining room table. See that painting of Labrador? That is my oldest daughter’s painting – it has been sitting there for two years.Image

The top of the IKEA table.


A pile of paintings on top of the dog crate.  The painting on the left in the corner looks better in this photo than in real life.


A pile of bills and stuff that I have to do not my favorite job.  The pile on the right is college application stuff for my daughter.


A picture of the living room with the pug in her favorite place.  Notice all the blankets around-we haven’t turned on the heat yet so we are wrapping ourselves in blankets all the time.

So I hope everyone (all one reader that I have) enjoys a “real” tour.


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