Why I am 95% Vegan
June 26, 2012, 1:38 pm
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First off I am not about to “convert” anyone to any lifestyle/belief system/diet whatever you want to label what I am. Second I am not judging anyone else’s food choices. Everyone is where they are because of their experiences and what their level of comfort is with where they are in their life.


My journey probably started in 2nd grade when our class saw a movie that showed where meat came from until then I really didn’t have a clue.  I sobbed when I saw those little piggies at the slaughter house.  I didn’t give up ham though-I still love a sweet salty taste and didn’t know then that you can make just about anything be sweet and salty. Also I loved hot dogs really loved hot dogs really really loved hot dogs. I even remember sometimes when my parents would make me eat the meat on my plate, but let me not eat the veggies-something about needing protein or maybe because the meat was so much more expensive than the vegetables.  My mother claims that I became a vegetarian in high school, but I do not have recollection of that, and I know I wasn’t vegetarian in college.


In 1990 I read Diet for a New America and immediately went completely overboard combining grains and legumes for complete proteins and cooking up big batches of lentils and millet (can you even buy millet anymore?) – I still used lots and lots of cheese.  Then I became pregnant in 1992 and had to have red meat-I salivated over it (now I gag). I could go through the next 15 or so years, but it would be filled with meat (and hot dogs) and basic American cooking with a bit of European twist.  My oldest daughter stopped eating meat when she was 11.  I remember being very supportive, she probably remembers differently. When she was in high school and our younger daughter was in middle school we got chickens so we wouldn’t have to support the chicken industry (yes, I know that was mistaken) we ended up with 8 chicks they were all so cute and really how could anyone resist. Turns out 2 were roosters and we located a family friend that lived in a vegan intentional community and she took them in for guard chickens.  One chicken spontaneously died so we were down to 5 hens.  I really couldn’t eat chicken after raising our girls from chicks so that was out of our meal rotation.  I still ate beef, pork and fish.  I became fascinated with the blog of a very famous blogger that lives on a ranch in Oklahoma and raises beef.


I loved her recipes and made many of them-they were all delicious.  Then she posted something about how necessary burning their fields is and how they do it every year-first I know it isn’t necessary for the health of the soil it is just an easy way to take care of pests.  Second I completely attribute my asthma to the field burning that took place north of where I grew up.  There were weeks in the summer when our town was engulfed in smoke-I get ill when I smell that smell. If she was wrong about that how many other pro-meat things is she writing about in her blog and making trying to convince people that the cows have a wonderful life.  I never read her again. Okay I did go back and copy off a pasta recipe, but that was it. About that time I quit eating pork and beef but continued with fish.  Then February 20, 2012 a friend recommended the movie Forks over Knives and my daughter also texted me the same day that I should watch it.  I have never looked back and never eaten any fish since.  I consider myself to be 95% vegan with mostly a whole food diet.


Occasionally I find myself in a situation where there isn’t a vegan option to eat and I always choose the feelings of my hosts over being a stickler on being vegan, but not vegetarian-I will not eat the flesh of another being. Also cheese pizza ahhhhhhhhhh, cheese pizza –I try to eat a vegan version of this and many times I am successful, but really cheese pizza is my one weakness! My third time that “bend” my rules and frankly they are my rules, how I choose to eat, is when my daughters bake something and it isn’t vegan, usually it will be a cake or pie-although they are both working on making vegan versions of them.


Am I satisfied with what I am currently eating – WOW – I don’t miss any of it (except the cheese pizza) I think I have gone through more awesome recipes and my spice cabinet is in full working mode now than ever before.  Some recipes are from my favorite cookbooks, some are from the vast array of vegan websites and bloggers and some are family favorites that I have veganized. I am off to head out in the garden to pick some kale for my greenie that I am making for my lunch today-a salad that you can drink.


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