Bread Salad
June 19, 2012, 8:05 pm
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One of my favorite summer meals-it can be vegan or not, gluten free or not, white bread or whole wheat, if you don’t like onions-no problem.  All of these ingredients are optional and I don’t add all of them to every salad.  If you want it bread salad though you really need to add the bread otherwise it can be grain salad if you use a grain or rice.

Bread-I like whole wheat artisanal bread, but my kids like sour dough-torn into small chunks-sometimes I cut them with a knife but I like it better torn. If I am using and artisanal loaf I will usually use half a loaf.

Tomatoes-the best would fresh from your garden, but second best would be Heirloom ones from the farmer’s market or grocery store and then well you are on your own after that.  I wish I could say how many, but since tomatoes vary in size and everyone’s taste buds are different you decide. Dice up what you are going to use-the smaller the better.

Cucumbers-This is only as important as you want it to be, but I only like the English variety-I supposed you could use a regular cucumber-I haven’t tried it. I like to leave the skin on and seeds in tact and dice up very small.

Avocados I love to use avocados in as many things as possible so I try to add at least two to the salad.  I add them at the last minute so they don’t “disappear” in the salad.

Red Onion-I use big chunks if someone that is going to eat the salad doesn’t like onion so they can pick them out, if everyone likes onion I dice very small.

Corn-This adds some sweetness to the salad, usually I use frozen corn and just pour in whatever I feel like.

Kalamata Olives-they add another layer of flavor to the salad.  Diced up and I use the same rule as for the onions if everyone likes them I dice them small otherwise I just split them in half.

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, salt and pepper-A word about all of these-Buy the best you can afford of all them.  Please please please do not use regular table salt or Kosher salt-they are made by large companies and really do not add the depth of flavor that you want. Get some sea salt or truffle salt or Himalayan salt.

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas-I like this addition, but I am the only one in my house that does.

Quinoa-this would be a fabulous grain to add to the salad if you wanted to leave the bread out.

Rice-this would make it gluten free and you could just use whatever you have left over from another meal.

The assembly-I like to dry the bread out a bit so I will tear it up early in the morning and let sit on the counter in a bowl that I toss around a few times all day long.

I also like to add all the veggies except the avocado together and leave in the refrigerator all day.  Some times I add the olive oil and vinegar but currently my family likes that added in at the end.  If you do this all in the morning it is easy to combine everything at dinner time and have this on the table in no time.

I know what you are thinking you are concerned that I am not naming amounts-that is because I believe a recipe is a guide in salad like this mix and taste, mix and taste mix and taste.  I like lots more salt and pepper than most people.  Some other herbs and spices that would be good would be dill, garlic, chili pepper (although not all of those at once).

Combine everything, mix and taste, adjust the salt and pepper and olive and vinegar. Serve. I suppose you could add a side salad with this but really I think it is complete the way it is.


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