Sweet Tooth
June 18, 2012, 10:54 pm
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I have a sweet tooth. When I say that I have a sweet tooth I mean if I could I would add sugar to every morsel that goes in my mouth and I don’t mean some natural sugar I mean refined white granular sugar!  One of the items that was on my “dream list for life” was to make cotton candy or spun sugar – I finally fulfilled that dream when my kids were in elementary school and I got to make the cotton candy for the school fair.  One of my favorite parts of summer while I was growing up was going to the county fair and other local festivals just to get the cotton candy.  This sweet tooth has not gone away as I have gotten older several years ago I ate an entire tub of meirguine cookies in one sitting I am not sure how much sugar is in one tub, but suffice it to say I started sweating about half way through the tub. Let’s just say I have an issue with refined sugar.  This probably is okay except my mother and my grandmother were diabetics so I can see what the road is going to be like ahead of me and it isn’t the life I want.


My goal always has been not perfection but progress.  I know I am making progress because there is no way on earth I would even put a meriguine cookie in mouth now let alone eat an entire tub.  (Part of that would be that they aren’t vegan, but not all).  Last night at my MIL’s home I didn’t eat the frosting off of everyone else’s cake-no it was not vegan and that was a situation where I had to make a moral decision about what to do-not eat the cake and hurt my 83-year-old-bad-heart MIL’s feelings or say something about being vegan and I couldn’t possibly touch it.  She had been so sweet in putting out “vegan” appetizers (I brought the entrée) carrots and broccoli florets with ranch dressing (no the dressing wasn’t vegan) and I didn’t touch them so I really felt I needed eat the cake-judge away dear readers. 


Currently I have three sweet delights-coco carmels, vegan marshmallows (usually made into smore), and vegan cupcakes.  So what is my real go-to sweet delight that doesn’t screw up my system too much-FRUIT!!!! And lots of it.  Right now the strawberries and raspberries and blueberries and peaches and cherries and plums are to die for. Most of them are fine by themselves, but others can be made into smoothies-blueberries and peaches are great for that. 


Tomorrow my favorite go to summer recipe that gets a lot of play at our house all season and into the fall as well.  It is versatile, fast, can be made ahead, and can be made vegan or if you aren’t vegan you can put cheese in it.  Then my favorite daily meal in the form of kale – yes, kale.  I never thought I would ever, ever eat kale, but now I have it daily sometimes twice a day and I love it!


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