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March 2, 2012, 10:49 pm
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Cleaned out the refrigerator today and was frustrated that what I consider to be a new refrigerator needed some new parts. It isn’t actually new more like 7 years old-getting old for a refrigerator I guess.  But then I got to thinking about how incredibly amazing it is in all of human history I have a refrigerator, what I am saying is even on this planet right now I am in the minority of people who have the ability to preserve their food through refrigeration.  I am sure there are many mothers in the world right now, not a hundred years ago, not 200 years ago, but right this minute that can only dream of being able to have a refrigerator.  How blessed am I?


My mother remembers a time when her family, who were well off, didn’t have refrigeration. They had an icebox and ice delivery.  I even have some of my grandmother’s recipes that refer to putting something in the icebox. That wasn’t that long ago that life was without refrigeration, certainly at home.


If I were to do it over again I may not even purchase a refrigerator, we really keep condiments in there with a bit of lettuce and spinach.  But most everything else is purchased daily.  I have that choice, however, somehow I am here with a refrigerator and food to go in it. Again how blessed am I?


As I clean out things that should have been thrown out weeks (maybe months ago) I am vowing to honor the blessing that I have by having refrigeration by not wasting the food we have. I noticed some things that were in there since last summer, but yet I couldn’t find something in there the other day.  I want to keep the refrigerator cleaned up and cleaned out.  It will make cooking so much better and who knows maybe I will stop grocery shopping every day. 


I do love our refrigerator (and so glad it is stainless steel, an extravagance for us) and I am very aware of how blessed we are to have food to go in it as well. 


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