Native Foods Cafe Spring Wellington Review
March 31, 2012, 2:38 am
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First off let’s get a few things straight: Native Foods Café does not know who I am and I have paid full price for every morsel that I have eaten there. I am a long time vegetarian and newer vegan. I am not a big fan of “fake” meat although I dislike real meat even more.


Online ordering is so slick-really like that my order was completely ready and I was easily able to add more items once I got to the restaurant.  At home with my really really large Wellington I just popped it into the preheated oven on a cookie sheet and started to distract myself with things to do so I wouldn’t open the oven every few minutes.


About half way through the cooking I started heating the “Hollandaise” sauce at an extremely low temperature on top of the stove.  That helped with the oven opening issue that I personally had wanting to see it every few minutes.


Finally it was time to pull it out and let it stand for ten minutes.  All through the cooking I wasn’t smitten with the aroma that was wafting out of the oven but you never know.  I cut that bad boy in half so I could save some for tomorrow’s lunch, but wow that thing is huge.  I finally cut a generous slice for myself and left the rest for the others in the household to deal with themselves. I poured the sauce over the slice, which didn’t slice like the photo but really who cares.  The sauce isn’t Hollandaise, but it is good-I kept tasting it all through the heating up process. (Next time I might add some more of my own lemon to it.) 


This is rich way richer than what I normally eat as a vegan or even what I ate as a vegetarian.  This would wow most meat eaters in the richness department.  The blend of the carrots (adds some sweetness), the mushrooms (adds in a smoky flavor), the Native seitan (adds a salty flavor) mixed tithe the “puff” pastry, spring greens and lemony tarragon sauce made for some really delicious eating.  I even had another slice. 


Some downsides: the sauce took longer to heat up than I expected, it is salty and there is a ton of it.  I will be taking another one of these to Easter dinner at my parent’s house next week (along with the chocolate pie that Native Foods Café sells) and serve it to vegans (my husband and I) a vegetarian (my daughter) and a large group of meat eaters.  Granted it will be one of many dishes to choose from but I believe it will be a hit with everyone even those that are hard of hearing and don’t know that it is vegan.


This is after I cut it in half and cut two really generous slices out of it.Image


Cleaned out the…
March 2, 2012, 10:49 pm
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Cleaned out the refrigerator today and was frustrated that what I consider to be a new refrigerator needed some new parts. It isn’t actually new more like 7 years old-getting old for a refrigerator I guess.  But then I got to thinking about how incredibly amazing it is in all of human history I have a refrigerator, what I am saying is even on this planet right now I am in the minority of people who have the ability to preserve their food through refrigeration.  I am sure there are many mothers in the world right now, not a hundred years ago, not 200 years ago, but right this minute that can only dream of being able to have a refrigerator.  How blessed am I?


My mother remembers a time when her family, who were well off, didn’t have refrigeration. They had an icebox and ice delivery.  I even have some of my grandmother’s recipes that refer to putting something in the icebox. That wasn’t that long ago that life was without refrigeration, certainly at home.


If I were to do it over again I may not even purchase a refrigerator, we really keep condiments in there with a bit of lettuce and spinach.  But most everything else is purchased daily.  I have that choice, however, somehow I am here with a refrigerator and food to go in it. Again how blessed am I?


As I clean out things that should have been thrown out weeks (maybe months ago) I am vowing to honor the blessing that I have by having refrigeration by not wasting the food we have. I noticed some things that were in there since last summer, but yet I couldn’t find something in there the other day.  I want to keep the refrigerator cleaned up and cleaned out.  It will make cooking so much better and who knows maybe I will stop grocery shopping every day. 


I do love our refrigerator (and so glad it is stainless steel, an extravagance for us) and I am very aware of how blessed we are to have food to go in it as well.