Dear Candidate:
January 26, 2012, 2:04 am
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Dear Candidate for Public Office:


You may not know this but I have very strong opinions about how our government should be run but I am going to suspend those opinions for this election cycle and use one standard to choose candidates. 


If you make fun of, use scare tactics, engage in smearing your opponent or run a negative campaign I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU! I don’t care about what you think of your opponent or that you are trying to make me see the shortcomings of them. 


What I DO care about is what you are going to do to make my life, my family’s lives, my neighbor’s lives and my fellow human’s lives better.  If you can’t tell me that then you shouldn’t be running for public office. 


Again this is very simple, Mr. or Ms. Candidate for Public Office, tell me how you are going to conduct the business of MY government and what your plan is to improve our society.  If you, or dare I say this, your PAC runs negative things about your opponent(s) you will NOT get my vote.


Thank you.






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