What is art?
June 23, 2011, 1:29 pm
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My doodlings in a class by Jill Bliss.

I love this question-I have really thought about it over the four years since it was posed to me.  My daughters went and go to a high school that requires four years of art, which I think is a big reason for their success and one of the reasons we chose and choose to send them there-on their first day of art their first year the teacher asks the question: What is art?  They then have to ponder that and ask people at home what their definition of art is.

One reason this crops up in my mind right now is that Ai Weiwei has been released from Chinese custody to house arrest-will he ever be allowed to create again?  I love his visions and what he has created, but there is a nagging question if a person has the vision but contracts with others to create the art are they the artist?  I am not talking when someone licenses their work and it is clear that the piece isn’t an original. There is a very famous artist that I really love his work until I saw a documentary on him and found out he doesn’t really do the work he supervises others doing the work.  Needless to say I was disappointed.

Someone asked me if they could help me with some leaves that I am making by painting green dots and then white dots on cut out leaves. I graciously thanked them, but hesitated to accept help because then I didn’t do the work on the original so then am I the artist or the designer?  Is there a difference between an artist and a designer?  I know that Ai Weiwei doesn’t do all of his work himself he has the overall vision and then implements the vision-this is one of those big questions that I mull over frequently.


This blog has some great photos of Ai Weiwei’s work.


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