Us V. Them
June 13, 2011, 7:29 pm
Filed under: Inspiration

This is not the direction that I wanted my blog to go…all the information on blogging that I have read would caution me against posting this, yet I feel really really compelled to put this out there no matter that I have no readers.  This is supposed to be a blog about my creative artist journey and if I were a more skilled writer I would be able to tie this into my creative artist journey.

So this has been eating me recently-one of those things that has kept me up at night or more accurately woken me up in the middle of the night-we have to stop this Us versus Them mentality. We are on the road to destruction as a group-together-all of us-a species-spiritual beings-collectively.

This idea, which isn’t new or even original, started with me years ago when someone asked me why we should support people in other nations – in other parts of the world- when we couldn’t even feed everyone here in our nation?  I argued-national boundaries are arbitrary – someone who needs help doesn’t care where they are.  They just need help as a group we must help all of those in need if we are able.  If you have more than one pair of shoes then you are able to help others.  That has always been my line in the sand-more than one pair of shoes and you are blessed then “required” to help others.

Back to Us versus Them – I see this all of the time in the news countries fighting, political parties fighting, organizations fighting, couples fighting, children fighting-how can we expect to survive as a species (and protect the species around us) if we continue to pull each other down?

This is my vow to the world “I will help and support everyone that I come in contact with to the best of my ability. I will speak positively and work towards the betterment of all.”


One website that really resonated with me this morning is Metta Drum-this guy is lovely and realize from reading his stuff that all of this Us v. Them attitude that we have starts within each of us.


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